Irrigation Decisions Made Simple

Shay Mey-tal, Chief Agronomist,
May 25 2020

Growers all around the world have about a million decisions to factor in when making an irrigation decision. These include: type of crop, weather today and tomorrow, soil characteristics and moisture, local growing practices, manpower availability, field size and location, water costs and abundance and so much more.
It’s an art, but also science.

So, how has it been done until now?

Well, there are a few ways, but none have turned into the “golden” standard. Some growers get their feet in the ground and their hands covered deep in dirt. Others consult with their agronomy advisor. A few use sensing devices that are soil or plant based.

According to a USDA Growers’ survey “2018 Irrigation and Water Management Survey” – no less than 10 different irrigation scheduling techniques were mentioned by growers. That even includes 3% of growers who admit to peeking in their neighbor’s field, before making an irrigation decision.

Bottom line – growers are still using many of the same old irrigations methods.

Farming is changing, and so is the irrigation decision making process.

It’s about time that effective irrigation decisions are simplified, fine-tuned and encompass all the relevant factors.
Based on a combination of remote sensing data, pinpointed weather information and crop-specific models, Manna provides growers with irrigation recommendations, crop monitoring maps and irrigation planning tools.

Our customers testify…

Already used by thousands across the world, growers testify to the difference this solution has made.
“Today we don’t have that doubt anymore, we don’t have that fear of – am I irrigating right? Am I using the correct amount of water? … with Manna, we have the peace of mind that we are irrigating at the right time and the right amount”. José Renato Dias, Director of Sertãozinho Farm, Brazil.
If you are a grower, agriculture consultant or an agronomist, this is your chance to try the Manna solution – for 30 days.

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