Why do you need flow and pressure monitoring?

  • Flow Rate Monitoring: Each zone’s flow rate can be monitored for broken lines, plugged emitters or other concerns.
  • Totalized Flow Monitoring: Totalized water volume per irrigation event, week or season is recorded, so you can analyze crop water use and document withdrawals.
  • Zone Pressure Monitoring: Proper manifold pressure ensures proper zone operation and improved distribution uniformity. You can combine this with flow rate monitoring for deeper insight into zone health. You’ll be alerted if high- or low-pressure conditions occur.
  • Filter Pressure Monitoring: Monitoring pressure at the filter output or the pressure differential across the filter alerts you if it’s time to backflush.
  • Backflush Monitoring: Monitoring the output of an independent, filter-backflush controller detects changes in backflush frequency that can highlight problems with your filter or water supply.