Master Manna Irrigation in Minutes: Live Demo to Unlock Optimal Irrigation Insights

  • November 8, 2023
  • Tal Shilo, Ph.D. VP Agronomy and Customer Operations
  • * Part of the Jain irrigation training series, hosted by Richard Restucia.

50 minutes

Have you ever imagined optimizing your crop yield, quality, energy, and water usage through the touch of your fingers? Manna Irrigation, a cloud-based software solution providing irrigation recommendations and crop monitoring tools, brings this possibility straight to you. As global leaders in tailored irrigation intelligence solutions, we are excited to invite you to an exclusive webinar where you can explore the wonders of our groundbreaking technology and learn how to use the software.
This webinar offers real-time education, enabling attendees to understand the software’s features, functions, and best practices, which can expedite the learning curve and enhance user proficiency. Taking us through the demonstration is Tal Shilo. Tal leads the Manna Science and Research team and the Customer Success team and has a Ph.D. in Agronomy.
What you will learn:
  • How Manna leverages high-resolution satellite imagery, combined with hyper-local weather data and cutting-edge agronomic models, to deliver real-time, site-specific irrigation recommendations.
  • How Manna helps increase water efficiency and optimize yield.
  • How to use the product with a step-by-step demonstration.
  • How to use Manna’s crop monitoring feature to detect crop development issues.
  • How to start your free trial to witness firsthand how Manna will revolutionize your irrigation practices.