Is Soil Moisture Monitoring for You?

  • View continuous soil moisture and soil temperature data.
  • Learn how your crop uses water and how effective rain and irrigation is for you.

What Do I Need?

Depending on requirements, JAIN’s C3 Telemetry unit monitors soil probes and sensors.

To help decide which is the best option for your farm contact us to request a demo.

Benefits of Soil Moisture Sensing

  • Monitor soil moisture, soil temperature, and soil EC (optional) at 4 inch intervals, up to 16 sensors up to 64” in depth.
  • Highly accurate monitoring shows how crops use moisture through the soil profile.
  • Use additional sensors to monitor rainfall, wind speed / direction and air temperature to build a profile of the perfect crop growing conditions.
  • Quick summary on your smartphone, or for more detailed analysis on your Jain Logic webpage.
  • Predicts next irrigation date based on current soil moisture trends.
  • Frequently checks and updates soil moisture and temperature, with historical data displayed and data export capability.