Growing the best crops is an art and a science. Remote sensing irrigation and agronomy software alone will not give you a complete picture without practical agronomic experience. Manna’s team of expert agronomists and irrigation specialists bring more than 40 years of expertise to your field.

We have developed and tested an agro-technic approach that produces irrigation recommendations based on a combination of remote sensing data, pin-point weather information and crop-specific models. At its core, the Manna’s model is based on the Evapotranspiration (ET) method – The model produces the observed ET of every pixel of the field, meaning the exact amount of crop water usage.

Variables from soil characteristics to local growing practices are then factored into the irrigation recommendations. Growers and consultants can even plan stress strategies using this precise and dynamic ET information or select one of hundreds of local crop protocols for dozens of crops in numerous countries from the Manna agro database (see supported crops and countries).

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