Jain Logic Empowered: Unlocking New Heights with Manna Satellite Imaging

  • Connor Cunningham
  • Territory Account Manager – Manna Irrigation

As part of the Rivulis and Jain Irrigation merger, Jain Logic and Manna Irrigation are one company named Manna Irrigation. One of the commitments made during the merger was the introduction of innovative products with additional capabilities.

Adding Manna satellite imaging to the Jain Logic platform is an excellent example of a new capability. Connor Cunningham will explain the benefits of Manna satellite imaging to Jain Logic during this webinar.

During the webinar, you will learn:
The benefits and advantages of the switch to Manna’s satellite imaging technology. Connor will focus on the specific advantages such as improved accuracy, enhanced coverage, and additional features Manna brings.

How Manna provides high data quality
Why will the transition be seamless, and are any potential adjustments needed?
What you need to do so Manna’s satellite imaging integrates with their current irrigation and farm management systems.
Cost and pricing changes.
How to secure training and support for the new technology.
Future updates to the software.