How to get the most out of Manna Irrigation – Success stories from Italy

*The webinar is in Spanish

  • Mario Gonzales, Manager of Customer Success Ibérica
  • Rubén Garcia, Technical Support of Manna Italy

36 minutes

In this webinar (in Spanish), Mario González, agronomist, Manna’s Customer Success Manager in Iberica, host Ruben Garcia, agronomist and Manna’s Technical Support in Italy. They discussed the main irrigation challenges in Spain and how Manna can help solve them with its Irrigation intelligence solution.

The webinar is a great talk between friends, both professionals in agriculture, who graduated university together in the same institute, working in the same company, and bringing to this webinar great experience and knowledge.

The session includes:

  • Introduction to the Manna Irrigation scheduling software and its crop monitoring solution.
  • Explaining how it works based on remote sensing.
  • Presenting new features and functionalities like water budget, reports and more.
  • Explaining how to start with Manna.

Learn from the Italian growers – success stories from the Italian growers using Manna

Ruben shared how Manna helped growers improve yield, improve water use efficiency and early detect irrigation malfunctions and crop diseases by analyzing Manna’s high resolution, high-frequency crop monitoring images.

  • Tomato case study
  • A tobacco case
  • A vineyard case study, Including the case of a vineyard with a lack of water.
  • A Kiwi case study